For your large-scale projects, Millstrong offers its renovation service. From the initial consultation to establish the plans through to the end of the project, not to mention after-sales service, we handle coordination of the necessary subcontractors. That way, you can focus on the final result you’re looking for, without having to juggle the various steps needed to get there.

At the beginning of any project, we like to meet with you to discuss your vision. This conversation helps our team pinpoint your individual needs, so that we can offer you appropriate, made-to-measure solutions.
Plans, along with sample materials and a draft budget, open the door to a discussion. The project doesn’t start until you are comfortable with every aspect.

Our team is professional: we have respect for your surroundings and your privacy. The site is cleaned up at the end of the work day so it will be a liveable space between the various steps of the job.